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Turfing at pace

Want to get a feel for what a typical day looks like for a Clean Cut Franchisee. Well check out our Facebook page here to see the guys in superfast Turfing action. Turfing is profitable, satisfying and leads to regular maintenance work.. if you can see yourself having a go at this.. Call us.   […]


What do a kitchen salesman, a Spaniard, a Council worker and a Fuel additive salesman have in common?

  They have all been in this week to find out about the Clean cut opportunity. Why?  Well because you don’t need previous gardening experience to be a Clean Cut Gardener because we train you. And because they all want to earn more money and enjoy more time off. If you do you should come […]


Second van for Peacehaven round

Our businesses seem to be growing as quick as the grass at the moment and to cope with the demand the Peacehaven operation has taken on a second Long Wheelbase van and are looking to develop a second three man team. The franchise run by manager Craig is the first in the Network to take this […]


Vote Clean Cut

So we have an election coming, but our message is clear, whether you are Red, Blue, Green or Yellow or some color we have not thought of, when it comes to your future wealth and happiness there is only one way to vote. Clean Cut. Why? We keep our election promises! A vote for us is […]


Franchise Statistics

Bi Annually the BFA and Natwest survey existing franchises they come up with loads of fascinating information but we think these are the current facts about franchising that you need to know.   The contribution of franchising to the UK economy is now reckoned to be £15.1 billion, an increase of 46% over the past 10 years […]


Meet Mr Average

Here he is! Just Joking Simon! The fact is Mr average doesn’t exist, but if he did we would know exactly how he would perform as a Clean Cut Gardener. Why? Because we measure our performance so we know on average what every franchisee will achieve. This means you can build your business with an […]


Last week

The phone has rung with gardening inquiries 72 times. At our conversion rate of 69% that means 50 sales At our average sale value of £189 that’s £9450 worth of business. That equates to £1575 per franchisee in one week in March (watch us go when the summer arrives!) Not bad err? Want your share? […]


Want to know our measurements?

If you read our last post you will already know how we measure our phone calls, but that is not the only thing we measure…….. We also measure Lead generation which is great because we know why every single inquiry we get has called us and where they heard about us. Why is this important? […]


It’s ringing off the hook

So if you have been reading our updates for a while you will know that here at Clean Cut we are very particular. Especially when it comes to measuring results. So you will not be surprised to hear that we even measure how many phone calls we get and boy do we get a few! […]


The true cost of running a business.

The true cost of Starting a Clean Cut franchise business Vs Starting your own gardening business Probably the biggest thing you are going to think about when deciding whether or not to start a Clean Cut Franchise is the cost. The initial investment and the monthly ongoing cost can look very daunting but actually when […]

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