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10 Reason why a Clean Cut Franchise is a great choice

1) We are the only gardening franchise whose fee covers everything, tools, marketing materials, training. There are no hidden extras.

2) Our monthly fees are fixed so as your sale’s increase you profit not us.

3) You have direct access to three experts in their field ‘on tap’ (Simon our owner and founder, Gary our Business Adviser and Dave our Sales coach)

4) Our Marketing Planning and business planning tools are based on 10 years of data and are extremely accurate in projecting revenue and sales. If you do the activity you will get the results.

5) Every franchise we have ever recruited has made a profit.

6) We offer a development model which means you can have a business that runs ‘under management’ and provides a passive income long term.

7) Our growth model as a franchise is not to recruit 100’s of franchisees at once but rather one or two at a time to ensure we can dedicate the time needed to make you successful.

8) We still practice what we preach and run our own franchise in Peacehaven so we know first hand what is happening in the marketplace and are living proof of what’s possible.

9) Our per job pricing model is unique and is why you can make £000’s more than with other franchises or running your own gardening business.

10) Our model projects you too make the money in around 9.5 months of the year meaning you have loads of time for holidays.

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