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A business that earns you money, without you using the tools

CraigOne of the things we are most proud of at Clean Cut is the fact that it is possible to get your business to the point where it runs without you ever having to pick up a tool again.

This means that even though you own a seasonal business you can enjoy excellent work life balance all year round.

How is this possible? Because we recruit and train good managers.

So meet Craig. Our manager in the Peacehaven franchise. Craig is the man who enables Simon to focus 90% of his energy on supporting franchisees because he runs the existing business like it was his own.

The result? Well with two vans and a four man team both enjoy a great income and excellent work life balance. A true win/win.

So if you want a business that will earn you £50,000+ without you going to work. Then you will need a Craig. And we will show you how…..

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