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Masquerade balls, xmas parties, myths and legends

YXmas Partyes this years Clean Cut xmas bash had it all!

We have shown you the censored photo here, we did not think you’d want to see Simon in a mask, or Simon dancing, or Trevor pretending to be a body builder!

Why Simon choose it we are unsure (or suspicious) But the theme was masquerade and yes there was face painting!

Yes a lot of the guys do look better in a mask!

As every year bonds were reinforced, friendships were made and new legends created ( and a few myths!)

All great reward for a team of guys that have set record after record in 2017 as they grew their Clean Cut businesses pushing us and themselves to new heights.

2018 is going to be Epic and these guys are only going to become more weathly, why not join them on the journey?

Download your prospectus and make 2018 an epic year for you and your family.

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