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Meet Mr Average

Here he is!

Just Joking Craig!

The fact is Mr average doesn’t exist, but if he did we would know exactly how he would perform.


Because as we discussed last week we measure our performance so we know on average what every franchisee will achieve.

This means you can build your business with an impressive degree of certainty about the outcome.

For example Mr average makes £266.19 (19p yes we are that precise) Every time he/she makes a sale.

We can also tell you that Mr average has already over 149 sales at a value of £55,638 and that is without our August stats and we have two of our top four months of the year still ahead of us.


How do we know that? Because we measure 🙂

Therefore we know that we do 12.21% of our annual turnover in September and 10.59% in July.

We do not want you to be average, but isn’t it nice to know you will make a good living even if you are.

Come and have a zoom meeting with us and we will show you even more of about Mr average and then we will show you how we will make sure you are way better than him.




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