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The true cost of running a business.


The true cost of Starting a Clean Cut franchise business
Starting your own gardening business

Probably the biggest thing you are going to think about when deciding whether or not to start a Clean Cut Franchise is the cost.
The initial investment and the monthly ongoing cost can look very daunting but actually when you break it down a Clean Cut Franchise represents excellent value. We know in the long run you will earn more money working with us than you would if you were to go off and start out on your own.

The exact true cost of starting a business is hard to work out but there is some data available from various sources, for example a survey run by 02 in 2013 suggested that the average cost of staring a business was £17,096 and 66% of business owners thought they could have saved costs if they knew then what they know now.

For a Gardener though that’s just the beginning because these figures will not have factored in the costs of tools and equipment which will be significantly higher for a gardener than in many other businesses.

By doing some simple analysis we calculate that the potential cost of starting your own gardening business over the first two years is 65% more expensive than buying a clean Cut franchise, when you factor in all the costs and the fact that you will grow slower without our marketing and sales systems.

The reality is a franchise will always cost less in real terms than starting your own business, you will be more efficient, you will benefit from greater buying power. You will make more and spend less. Franchisees are designed that way. If they weren’t no one would do it.

Don’t believe us? Come and see us and we will prove it.



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