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Why buy a Clean Cut Franchise?

grass-salesIts gardening right? anyone can do it. So why buy a franchise at all? why not just get a Lawnmower and go for it.

Well rather than us answering we asked our franchisees….

Here is what they said.

  1. Cutting your own lawn is one thing… cutting 20/30 a day to a high standard is quite another.
  2. Not to mention how to trim hedges, power-wash, conduct tree work etc etc..
  3. Anyone can earn £60-£80 a day.. earning £500… that’s something else and only Clean Cut know how.
  4. Getting work is not as easy as you think… unless you know how.
  5. Over 50% of gardening businesses fail, no Clean Cut business has ever failed. Big risk  vs no risk…. do the maths.
  6. Even after Clean Cut’s Fees you make more money than  you would on your own, through the savings you make and the systems they have.
  7. You are not alone as well as the support there is a whole network of people including the existing and established businesses.
  8. You can build a business with Staff that runs without you. Earning money whilst on the golf course is appealing.
  9. We are nice people! Its a great place to do business and everyone is happy.
  10. You can earn more and enjoy more holiday than ever before!

There where more in the list but these were the ‘big 10’.

Interested? Download a prospectus and maybe even come by for a coffee… worst case you’ve had a brew with some nice people! cleancut-prospectus





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