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20 Great things that happen when the sun shines

SunGreat thing’s happen when the sun shines, especially here at Clean Cut.

So for your entertainment we have named our 20 favorite Clean Cut things about what happens when the sun shines..



  1. The Grass grows
  2. The Hedges Grow
  3. Everything grows!
  4. We get to cut it and make money
  5. It grows again!
  6. We get to cut it and make money
  7. It grows again and again and again
  8. We get a great Tan working outdoors
  9. And still it grows
  10. We lose weight working in the sunshine burning those calories
  11. We can afford shiny new things.
  12. Its still growing…
  13. And we are still cutting!
  14. We get lots of tea and cake from happy customers
  15. The phone keeps ringing (we feel popular)
  16. And every time we look round it needs doing again!
  17. We are making lots of money
  18. Other gardeners are not because they don’t know how to do it the Clean Cut way (we feel smug)
  19. Still growing
  20. Still cutting

There is some bad news though if it gets really hot, Simon might take his shirt off…..

Download a prospectus and get yourself a sunnier better life!


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