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Clean Cut story

clean-cut-story1THE Clean Cut gardening franchise offers a unique opportunity to operate the most advanced and well-run garden maintenance system in the UK.

The system is the brainchild of Clean Cut founder Simon Studd, who built up his successful garden business in Sussex from the humble beginnings of a lawn mower in the back of his Ford Escort car to a business which runs without him ever having to leave the office. 

With proven methodologies in all aspects of a garden maintenance business – marketing, sales, operations, human resources, finance and extensive training – Simon has devised a system based on the support he felt he needed but lacked when he started his business.

Simon says: ”Having got my own business systemised to a point where I was drawing an income without having to work on the tools I began thinking about how powerful the system I created was and it was then that I started to investigate ways I could help others achieve the same success.”

Many people dream of running their own business but are put off by the fear of knowing whether or not it will succeed and deliver the income and lifestyle they desire.


The Clean Cut gardening franchise opportunity takes away all those fears by providing proven marketing strategies that can not fail to get you customers. You will also have the security of knowing you have the support of Simon and his team of experienced staff to help your franchise become a success.

As Simon puts it: ”My goal is to have a successful, profitable gardening business in every town in the UK and if my teams are successful, I am successful. It is in my best interest to make sure every new franchisee is able to achieve his or her goals.”

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