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grass-salesSALES are the lifeblood of any business. It’s all very well making the phone ring but the key to success is turning enquiries into sales and having the peace of mind that you have quoted a fair price for a fair job. On the one hand there’s nothing worse than working every hour available and realising you have not made any money, while on the other there is the fear of losing a job on price and having no work.

At Clean Cut we not only understand these dilemmas but also have overcome them and we have devised the perfect system for following up enquiries and turning them into sales.

Our unique ‘pricing calculator’ will ensure you get it right. All the tools from estimate documents to quote sheets, to ensure you can track your leads and opportunities, will enable the smooth transition from lead to sale.


In addition, your Clean Cut package includes back-office support so when you’re working your phone is answered and no opportunities are missed. With this type of extensive support you can access your leads, customers and appointments via our ‘quote system’, which uses the most up-to-date technology and you can access this from the comfort of your office or via your smart phone or tablet while out and about.

Extensive training is provided on how to use all these systems so that you are highly competent from day one.

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