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Darren Brown

I had spent the last 20 years working for a agricultural and ground care machinery dealer. I was out on the road in a van kitted out as a mobile shop selling parts and accessories to golf courses. When this came to an end and I was made redundant I started looking at the opportunities […]


Rod Williams

After 30 years of corporate life I came to Clean Cut as I saw it as a chance to work locally, meet local people and do something for myself and preserve my families lifestyle. The work life balance it promised was a huge attraction for me. Its great too be out in my local community […]


Nikola Stojkovski

I first looked at the Clean Cut Franchise opportunity in 2014 but was not ready to make the investment and decided not to move forward. Four years later, I decided to watch the latest Clean Cut webinar and was reminded of what a great opportunity it was and was impressed by the success stories of […]


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Vittorio Spampinato

Born in Zimbabwe I have always loved the outdoors and have a big passion for wildlife. Since coming to the UK with my English mother for political reasons I found myself working nights at a hotel just to pay the bills. It was terrible! I was earning very little money and had no time for my […]


Rory Whelehan

I was born in South Africa, my parents moved to the then Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) when I was very young, and this is where I grew up and was educated. I have always had a love of the outdoors and achieved a diploma in agriculture. However fate led me back to South Africa and somehow into […]


Nathan Peters

I’d spent the last 10 years working in a job which I found more and more depressing every day, working until midnight and starting at 4am just wasn’t working for me or my family anymore. The money wasn’t great either. I was made aware of Simon Studd and clean cut gardening by a friend so […]


Luke Brice

I Joined Clean Cut Gardening in March 2014. Coming from a policing background and never having run a business I decided to buy the Worthing Franchise as Clean Cut offered support, guidance and a business model which eclipsed other opportunities I had a reasonably good understanding of how to run a business, but each business […]


Paul Keyworth

I became a Clean Cut franchisee in March 2014 and I simply hit the ground running. Previously I was head green keeper at my local golf course. But after years of hard work and dedication I began to feel unappreciated and under – valued so I decided it was time to do something drastic and […]

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