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Can I really make £50000+ Cutting Grass?

Its a question we get asked a lot… it seems to good to be true. But it is True, ask Luke, ask Craig, ask Nathan, ask Simon. In fact ask anyone who has worked with us?? What’s more we have bags of statistics and evidence (Because we measure everything)   In fact this year we […]


Pros and Cons

The Pros an Cons of running a franchise are often hidden by the smoke and mirror tactic of those trying to see them. So here we have prepared a list for you of all the pros and cons as we see it.       First the Pros: You make more money than you could dream of […]


Why you should invest in a Clean Cut Franchise?

We get asked this question a lot, so here are a few answers for you. 1. Track Record of Success. We have developed a method of doing business that works well and produces successful results, not one of our franchisees has failed to make a profit. Even better, they’re required to provide you with a […]


10 Reason why owning your own Clean Cut Franchise is for you.

To help our candidates decide if this business opportunity is for them we have compiled this handy list of the common reasons why people come to us. There are more but for us these are the ones we here most often, if you recognize any of the following then now is the time to make a change. 1) You […]


Clean Cuts summer in pictures

The summer season feels well behind us, but whilst the teams are still out there working hard and making money we thought it was time to share some highlights of another successful summer. From Craig going crazy for flowers, to Nikola’s before and after obsession (see his facebook page) And Vittorio’s new ride on we […]


Half Term is coming, will you get to see your kids?

The last Half term before Christmas is upon us and the kids are all looking forward to a week off. For many parents this is a difficult time as they rush around organising care so they can keep on working whilst feeling bad inside that they are neglecting them. But not for us and the […]


Before and After – How rewarding is this?

Ever wondered if being a Clean Cut gardener will be fulfilling? Well take a look at these picture pulled from Nikola’s facebook page, which show stunning examples of his work. So not only did he get to stand back and look in pride at a job well done… he got paid for it to! Happy […]


One year on – Where does the time go?

Here is  a happy Vittorio . One year on from launching his business , he has still got a big smile on his face, probably because he’s grown his work force, beaten targets and has a much better work/life balance . Did he believe he would be in this position one year on? A simple […]


The best just got better

As those of you that follow us regularly here at Clean Cut already know we love a system here at Clean Cut!   Especially ones that makes our lives easier and we can announce that we are now live with our new work management system, complete with Apps for your phone and so user friendly […]


What’s a gardeners favourite drink

Want to know? Follow this link to the Clean Cut face-book page to find out…… And watch our illustrious leader gulp it down! You might be surprised. Then again maybe you wont….

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