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All I want for Christmas

  I dont want a lot for Christmas There is just one thing I need I dont care about the presents underneath the Christmas Tree I dont need to hang my stocking There upon the fireplace Santa Claus wont make me happy With a toy on Christmas Day I just want to make loads of […]


Pros and Cons

The Pros an Cons of running a franchise are often hidden by the smoke and mirror tactic of those trying to see them. So here we have prepared a list for you of all the pros and cons as we see it.       First the Pros: You make more money than you could dream of […]


Can I really make £50000+ Cutting Grass?

Its a question we get asked a lot… it seems to good to be true. But it is True, ask Luke, ask Craig, ask Nathan, ask Simon. In fact ask anyone who has worked with us?? What’s more we have bags of statistics and evidence (Because we measure everything)   In fact this year we […]


We need you!

The season is well up and running now here at Clean cut and we are all working exceptionally hard keeping up with the unprecedented demand we are experiencing this season so far.   But we do have a frustration.. We don’t have enough franchise owners out there taking advantage of all the work we can […]


Time to Shine!

The sun is peaking through and everything is starting to grow which is great news for us here at Clean Cut. Our band of intrepid Franchise owners are suddenly rushed of their feet, pruning, trimming cutting and revitalising peoples gardens. It may only be May but our we are already starting to hit some impressive […]


Team Day 2019

Another year and another beginning of the year shindig at Clean Cut towers where we all get together discuss our biggest wins and challenges from 2018 and put in place our plans for 2019. The value of these days is just enormous as the team get together and share best practice and exchange amusing antidotes […]


Webinar – Saturday 2nd February at 10am

Earn over £50,000 a year running your own gardening business This really is not to be missed, here’s what you learn: How to earn £50,000 from your successful gardening business How our marketing systems almost guarantee success Why you can earn this money and still enjoy 8 – 12 weeks of holiday per year How […]


You might be back to work… we are still on holiday

                  All our gardeners are currently enjoying a well earned rest safe in the knowledge they have plenty of money in the bank and will soon be adding to these amounts when the season starts in March. Even our illustrious leader Simon is sunning himself! Many gardeners […]


New years Resolutions

Its the time of the year for new years resolutions so we have made you a list.   Quit my job Invest in my very own Clean Cut Franchise Only work 42 weeks this year Earn around £35,000 Increase it to £50,000 next year Be my own boss Earn the respect of my friends and […]


Why you should invest in a Clean Cut Franchise?

We get asked this question a lot, so here are a few answers for you. 1. Track Record of Success. We have developed a method of doing business that works well and produces successful results, not one of our franchisees has failed to make a profit. Even better, they’re required to provide you with a […]

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