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The true cost of running a business.

The true cost of Starting a Clean Cut franchise business Vs Starting your own gardening business Probably the biggest thing you are going to think about when deciding whether or not to start a Clean Cut Franchise is the cost. The initial investment and the monthly ongoing cost can look very daunting but actually when […]


Meet The Boss

Simon Studd, Director at Clean Cut Gardening Tell us about the Clean Cut Gardening concept. Clean Cut Franchise is a network of hardworking Franchisee’s delivering first class gardening services to the general public. It was born from my own experiences of building my own business, starting from the back of a ford escort car with […]


A day in the life of a Clean Cut gardener

This month Craig describes a normal day to help us find out what being a Clean Cut gardener is really like. 6.00am It’s a Thursday so I’m up early for my BNI Networking group, its a great place to get new leads and I enjoy the discussions around the teapot with liked minded business owners 6.30am I […]


Why buy a Clean Cut Franchise?

Its gardening right? anyone can do it. So why buy a franchise at all? why not just get a Lawnmower and go for it. Well rather than us answering we asked our franchisees…. Here is what they said. Cutting your own lawn is one thing… cutting 20/30 a day to a high standard is quite […]


Would you like to earn £50,000 next year?

Would you? Well if you do then this is the opportunity for you. The chance to own a business that makes you a lot of money and gives you all the holiday you need is just a click away. And what more you will be entering a growing market… as construction in the Uk booms […]


10 Reason why owning your own Clean Cut Franchise is for you.

To help our candidates decide if this business opportunity is for them we have compiled this handy list of the common reasons why people come to us. There are more but for us these are the ones we here most often, if you recognize any of the following then now is the time to make a change. 1) You […]


Fancy a recession proof business?

As we emerge from Lockdown many people are concerned about their futures and their jobs or have used the relative calm to asses their future direction. But while all this has been going on we have been working, demand has remained strong and will continue to do so throughout the summer and into 2021 and […]


Its movie time!

Last week we hosted a webinar aimed at telling people how they can make £50,000+ per year whilst enjoying a fantastic work life balance and benefitting from 8-12 weeks holiday per year. Since the event we have had a number of emails from people who missed it and want to take a look so we […]


Whatever happens the grass will still grow and it still needs cutting

We all face uncertain times and many people are worried about their jobs and incomes, however in these difficult times we can offer you a ray of hope. The grass will always grow, the sun will always shine and Clean Cut gardeners will always have loads of work. More importantly under the current government guideline […]


Rod is up and running

New Franchisee Rod’s business is up and running!   Based in Watford Rod cant wait to start work keeping residents and businesses alike happy with our own unique high quality gardening services.   Good luck Rod!

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