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Do you love getting up and going to work?

Well we do! That’s because our team of merry franchisees know they are working for themselves, earning good money and cant wait to leap out of bed in the mornings. So if you awake to your alarm with a groan, are always thinking you should make a change but never make yourself do so… then […]


Does £50k+ and 8 weeks holiday sound to good to be true? (it’s not)

Honestly! It’s more than achievable using our unique and proven business growth systems. That’s the beauty of the Clean Cut system, we have made all the mistakes for you so if you follow the system, success will follow. What else does it take? Whatever your age or background you can be successful with a Clean […]


Worried about making sales? We have you covered.

All of our Franchisees are first class salespeople. Not because we only recruit naturals, far from it we recruit those who we believe will be able to learn the required skills, not just those who have them. Its because we train them to be! Sales training is a core part of our offering because we […]


10 Reason why a Clean Cut Franchise is a great choice

1) We are the only gardening franchise whose fee covers everything, tools, marketing materials, training. There are no hidden extras. 2) Our monthly fees are fixed so as your sale’s increase you profit not us. 3) You have direct access to three experts in their field ‘on tap’ (Simon our owner and founder, Gary our […]


Certainty in uncertain times

The world is upside down. Furlough is coming to an end. Over 3,000,000 unemployed predicted. Many people face an uncertain future. Financial stress is just around the corner for many and already here for others. Plus many other people have used this Lockdown and post Lockdown period to really consider their futures and whether they want […]


8 weeks a year holiday sound good?

Of  Course you would, and even better be able to afford it? Well at Clean Cut that dream can come true because our team of dedicated gardeners make a years money in 9/10 months and sit back and enjoy the time off during the winter season. But if you prefer to work there are those […]


20 Great things that happen when the sun shines

Great thing’s happen when the sun shines, especially here at Clean Cut. So for your entertainment we have named our 20 favorite Clean Cut things about what happens when the sun shines..     The Grass grows The Hedges Grow Everything grows! We get to cut it and make money It grows again! We get […]


Meet Mr Average

Here he is! Just Joking Craig! The fact is Mr average doesn’t exist, but if he did we would know exactly how he would perform. Why? Because as we discussed last week we measure our performance so we know on average what every franchisee will achieve. This means you can build your business with an […]


Success Guaranteed

We measure everything! How long jobs take. Our sale values. Our profit. Our costs. Our inquiry to sale conversion rate. You name it we measure it and because we use state of the art software to run our franchise, we do it without much effort. That is how we can be so confident that every […]


All the help you need

So we do not want them to get big headed or carried away but we are massive believers in getting the right advice here at Clean Cut. That’s why we have recruited the best talent to support our franchisee’s. That is why we have for the last 10 years used the services of our very […]

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