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Return on your investment

investmentTHE Clean Cut opportunity offers you the chance to make good money while enjoying the freedom of running your own business.

A dedicated franchisee should expect to earn at least £28,000 in year one with peak performers doing even better. Year two should see an average performer comfortably earning around £35,000.

£55,000 is more than achievable in year three.

And there’s more! With our carefully worked-out growth plans those with a real entrepreneurial spirit have the chance to do even better. We have thought of and tested everything from the recruitment and management of staff to how you can grow your business.

Ultimately you will no longer have to do the physical gardening work yourself while still making fantastic returns – if that’s what you wish.

National Conference 2016

Like any business, success only comes from hard work and following the structured processes laid down by Clean Cut to ensure your business develops according to plan. The good news is that we will be with you every step of the way to make sure your efforts receive the returns you deserve.

Few businesses make a profit in year one but at Clean Cut if you work hard, you can expect to get back all of your investment and still have some cash to spare.

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