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Nathan Peters

IMG_5629I’d spent the last 10 years working in a job which I found more and more depressing every day, working until midnight and starting at 4am just wasn’t working for me or my family anymore. The money wasn’t great either.
I was made aware of Simon Studd and clean cut gardening by a friend so thought I’d find out a little more. I was obviously sceptical about handing over a large amount of money, as anyone would be, but a few meetings down the line and a chat with the existing franchisee’s soon put my mind at ease. Being that I always wanted to be successfully self employed, and my love for gardening I signed on the dotted line. I am already well on the way to exceeding my previous wage and am sure to increase that dramatically over the next few years. I also have the quality of life I’ve missed for so many years and look forward to many more and the running and development of my own successful business.

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