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We are planning on a big 2018 – Are you?

PlanningSo 2017 may only just be over and we might all be enjoying our time off from making money so we can spend some time with our loved ones but here at Clean Cut we have not stopped entirely.

Because we firmly believe in the old adage ‘Failing to Plan is planning to fail’ we are speaking to every single franchisee in January on a 121 basis to formulate their marketing plans and we have some big targets.

Last year every single Clean Cut business grew and every single franchisee made more money.

So we have reason to be optimistic and we are, in fact we are not optimistic we are very confident.

But like anybody all of our team have different goals and aspirations.

  • Some want a business that runs without them and pay’s them a passive income. – Possible.
  • Some want a business they can run with their husbands/wives – Possible.
  • Some want a multi-van business – possible.
  • Some want a lifestyle business and are happy to be on the tools forever – possible.
  • They all want to earn fantastic money – Fact.
  • They all want to have more freedom of choice – They do.
  • They all want less stress – They have it.
  • They all want more holiday – They have it.

So what do you want?

Whatever it is a Clean Cut franchise can and will deliver.

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