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How tough are your Sunday evenings?

Vittorio’s used to be horrible.. in fact worse than maybe even yours! Because rather than just dreading tomorrows work, he was getting reading for a night shift. One week into his Clean Cut journey his life is already very different. In his words ‘I have made more in two days than I was making in […]


Would you like to earn £50,000 next year?

Would you? Well if you do then this is the opportunity for you. The chance to own a business that makes you a lot of money and gives you all the holiday you need is just a click away. And what more you will be entering a growing market… as construction in the Uk booms […]


Want to know why Clean Cut franchise owners are the best salesman?

Because we train them to be! Not only that we mentor them forever, every month they get a call from our resident sales coach to help them improve their sales conversions. That’s why we can boast conversion rates of over 80% enquiry to sale at a fair price which is good for the customer and […]


First enquiry in 90 minutes – A new record

So last week we told you about Vittorio. Our latest recruit. Now we must tell you he is already a record breaker, having broken the record for the fastest time for a franchise to get an inquiry. He’d been sat in training for just an hour and a half when his phone starting buzzing. So that proof […]


Welcome Vittorio!

We are pleased to welcome our latest addition Vittorio to the team, a father of three Vittorio has given up working nights in a hotel for the great outdoors and a better life! Pictured here with his shiny new Van Vittorio starts work in September and is in training as we speak (or type) Vittorio […]


The next big thing

Wonder what it is? Simple a Clean Cut franchise! The sun is shining, and our Franchisees are once again posting record sales. In fact on like for like sales we are up as much as 10% year on year and buy the end of the year that figure will only get better. It is only […]


Watch this to see what being a Clean Cut gardener is like

Want to see us in action and get a taste for what being a gardener is really like? Well the guys in Worthing have made this video. Take a look and if you like what you see download a prospectus and lets get started!


Why buy a Clean Cut Franchise?

Its gardening right? anyone can do it. So why buy a franchise at all? why not just get a Lawnmower and go for it. Well rather than us answering we asked our franchisees…. Here is what they said. Cutting your own lawn is one thing… cutting 20/30 a day to a high standard is quite […]


Fancy a swim?

We do! Which is why last week our beloved founder and Craig the manager of Clean Cut Peacehaven got stuck into some community work at the Saltdean Lido. For those of you that haven’t heard of this famous landmark the Lido is a focal point for the local area and has been an open air […]


20 Great things that happen when the sun shines

Great thing’s happen when the sun shines, especially here at Clean Cut. So for your entertainment we have named our 20 favorite Clean Cut things about what happens when the sun shines..     The Grass grows The Hedges Grow Everything grows! We get to cut it and make money It grows again! We get […]

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